Suggested Plan

We offer a carefully constructed, confidence building plan, that can be as short, or as long, as you need it to be.  If you meet us and feel that our approach is not for you, you can cancel without incurring any further charges. Frequency of sessions is completely up to you. The plan below is just a suggestion of how you may want to spend your time with us.  We are always open to suggestions.

Session 1 – Meet with your Outdoor Confidence Coach for either a one hour or two hour session

Meet at an agreed location. Take a snack or stop at one of our local cafes (refreshments are not included in the cost) to exchange information.  You won’t be bombarded with a series of questions and discretion and confidentially are guaranteed.  You will decide what, when and if, you feel comfortable discussing anything. We can go for a gentle walk in the Cairngorm National Park, or just relax at our meeting place. By the end of this first session, we will have set targets and will know where we are aiming to be. Your programme of activities will be shared with your instructors and we aim for you to have completed your first activity session within two weeks of this first meeting, depending on availability and the weather.

These are just a few ideas of what we have to offer, and we are always open to suggestions.

An outdoor, 1:1 session for 1 hour with a personal trainer or if you are feeling really adventurous you could book a boot camp for varying lengths of time, once you are feeling more confident with your level of fitness.  You will need to have completed some PT before the longer boot camps so that we know your fitness level, as these are long and demanding days.

1:1 mountain bike rides with me as your guide.  See the Tranquil Trail MTB and EMTB section for further details.

1:1 Stand Up Paddle Board tuition for 1.5 hours with the hire of the board and buoyancy aid included in the price. A wetsuit will be needed for this activity and can be hired for a small cost.

Sessions 2,3 and 4

Carrying out your chosen activity/activities.

I will take you to meet your instructor(s) for the first activity/activities that you requested in session 1. We will do these activities together, along with your instructor, if that is the level of support that you require in order to be comfortable and confident with your first activity experience.  As everything that we do is outdoors, be prepared for sessions to be rearranged sometimes, as your comfort and safety is paramount to us.  If this doesn’t work for you, a full refund for that activity will be given.

You will have plentiful opportunities to make progress but there will be no pressure on you. You will achieve at your own pace. It is okay to say, “I’m not ready for that just now”, then try a little bit more next time. If you don’t like what you are doing or how we are doing it, please tell us and we will endeavour to make adjustments to improve your experience.

Session 5 – Meet with your Outdoor Confidence Coach again for either a one hour or two hour session 

We will reassess your plan and decide how you want to approach the next 5 sessions.  We will discuss your progress with the activity/activities and how you are feeling in general and make any adjustments that you feel are necessary for your confidence to continue improving.

Sessions 6-10

Your confidence should be improving with familiar activities now or you may have decided to try something new.  I can still accompany you as your Outdoor Confidence Coach at the level that you require.  You may need me to complete the activity with you or you may just want me to be in the background for support.

Session 11 – Meet with your Outdoor Confidence Coach for either a one hour or two hour session 

This can be your final Outdoor Confidence Coaching session with me, or you may decide that you need more time on a 1:1 basis. Are you confident enough to go to your instructor without me or are you confident enough to buy your own equipment and go it alone?  It takes time, patience and understanding to reach your goals. Whatever you need.

You can decide if you would like to try some small group activities.

We also plan for session 12.

Session 12 

You decide! You are confident to make that choice.  Have you reached your goals that you set for yourself in previous sessions?  Now’s your time to test it out. If you are not ready yet, that’s okay too.  We can continue to work on it together if you want to.

Or, do you want even more fun doing something completely different with Cairngorm Confidence Outdoors?

Enjoy yourself.  Be yourself.


As we are unique, providing a tailor made, 1:1 service of confidence building outdoor activities, selected by you, the costs will be variable but very competitively priced, depending on the activity/activities that you have chosen, the length of the activity/activities and the specialist equipment that you may need to hire.

As a Community Interest Company, we put your needs before financial gain and reinvest significantly, so that we can supply the best equipment and training.

Ask yourself the following question. How much money do you spend on your own health and wellbeing, compared to how much you may spend on other things that may not be so good for you? You are worth it!

Please contact me for further details regarding pricing.

Fees are to be paid to me by bank transfer, two weeks in advance of the planned session.

Refunds will only be given if you cancel a session with at least 3 full days notice.

Health and Safety

Your instructors’ word will always be final and their decision not to go ahead with an activity for any reason will be fully supported. A session will be cancelled and will not be refunded if you turn up to an activity wearing inappropriate clothing or refuse to wear specialist clothing and/or equipment required for the activity to proceed safely, as you will have been advised as to the appropriate clothing to wear and other requirements, prior to that session. Sessions will also be cancelled, without refund, if you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or demonstrate an inappropriate level of behaviour.

More experience is required for the harsher and/or darker conditions.  Flexibility is important as we may need to rearrange sessions around the weather conditions and some activities may not be available at all through the winter.  If an activity needs to be rearranged and the rescheduled date isn’t suitable for you, a full refund for that specific activity will be given.

COVID-19: We ensure to follow local government guidelines and ask that you please make sure to follow local government travel restrictions.